Designers have the opportunity and the privillage to influence the way people think and behave. Everyone is a designer to a certain extent.

You have a duty to make it fun. Even when times are hard and the light gets dark. If you don’t you’ll just get born and then you’ll die.
Dan Germain

Becky Miller
Brighton/London based designer
Brighton University 3D Design graduate 2007

Times Style Magazine, June 2007
Frame Magazine, Jan 2008
The Fundamentals of Product Design

Lightworks, Marsden Woo Gallery, London, 2010
It’s Nice That Original Format Exhibition, 2008 Plymouth + London
Tent London, 2007
New Designers 2007, London
Brill Burt + Cardens Graduate’s Show 2007, Brighton
Greenstops, Halisham UK / Offranville France, 2006

Currently reading:
Cancel The Apocalypse, Andrew Simms, Little, Brown, 2013
Culture Shock, Will McInnes, Wiley 2012
Do Story, Bobette Buster, The Do Book Company, 2013
Cities For A Small Planet, Richard Rogers, Faber and Faber, 1997
Cradle to Cradle, Michael Braungart, North Point Press, 2002
Emotionally Durable Design, Jonathan Chapman, Routledge, 2005
Home-Made, Vladmir Arkhipov, Fuel Publishing, 2006
Food And The City, Jannifer Cockrall-King, Prometheus Books, 2012
Hungry City, Carolyn Steel, Vintage, 2009
The Architecture of Happiness, Alain de Botton, Penguin, 2007