The Bigger Picture
You can google The Bigger Picture or New Economics Foundation to find out more about this event, but for me as a volunteer usher on the stairwell, the main thing that stuck in my head and distracted me for alot of the day was the paint pealing off the wall. The building the event was housed in was not a welcoming community or conference centre or something of that ilk, it seemed almost to be literally falling down and boarded up in places; on the face of it, it was almost an ironic contradiction to the talks of change and new futures going on inside. With the long view it was not though. The layers of paint were so interesting, untouched and appealing. Much more so than if I had been standing opposite a white painted wall with signs in helvetica. I think we must not forget how much we enjoy discovering things for ourselves, reading stories, finding out secrets and making our own decisions. There is a temptation with making improvements to discard the past and any sense of individual human connection. Other buildings I have visited which appear to be resepcted for what they are include Wilton’s Music Hall and Union Chapel.