Je suis un arossoir
I had read that Jasper Morrison had converted part of his studio on Kingsland Road in London into a shop, so popped in today on my way home to shelter from the rain and check it out.
I was comforted to find in the far corner of the shop a familiar watering can - the same watering can I chose to use when making Je ne suis pas un arossoir two years ago; Watering Can Number 9 to be precise (pictured above). All of the objects in Jasper Mossison’s small shop have been selcted for their super normal quality and were formally exhibted in the Super Normal exhibition in 2007. Only a handful of the objects are designed by Morrison, with the large magority produced by anonymous designers. For me Super Normal acknowledges humble design optimums and serves as a highly refined reminder of why we create objects. Given the current state of the planet and it’s people, this is at last, gradually becoming a serious consideration for deisgners and their consumers, who might start to feel contente I chose Watering Can Number 9, after much thought and disucssion, as an architype watering can. I was seeking the super normal quality that would silently engage without a word. For this reason I was even compelled to remove the number 9 and zig zag relief and apply a bright grass green finish colour. Maybe now I should find out a bit more on Watering Can Number 9’s own history before I go changing the story. RESPECT YOUR ELDERS. Watering Can Number 9 is officially super normal.