• bused up chair


    bused up chair
    I stopped walking when I saw this broken chair at the bus stop opposite Essex Road Station yesterday. I wondered why it had been left there. Evidently it had been in good condition until it had been shattered accross the back somehow. Had it been chucked out of home just because it was looking a bit tired? Or was it more complex than that? I think I can make a good home for this chair even if its back is broken; I dont think the bus stop will miss it too much, there was no queue anyway.
    This picture was taken on my camera phone, supprisingly good. Think I will have to start using it more often.

  • Airplot


    This is such a great idea from Greenpeace and really worth while, supported by celebrities including Emma Thompson, Alistar McGowan and Zac Goldsmith. Watch the video and join the plot here. Nice graphics and bespoke typography too, by Airside.

  • Please take your litter home


    Please take your litter home
    I took this photo when I was back in Brighton and was struck by how beautiful the litter looked in the evening light on the beach. It never looks that good the day after though. Please take your litter home.

  • Room with a view


    Room with a view
    I love this view from our flat. Can’t help but be complled to record what I see on the inside of the ceral boxes waiting to be recycled. I think I am very lucky to live here for a while.

  • More ceral box drawings


    More ceral box drawings
    At dusk.

  • Morceaux de Sucre


    Morceaux de Sucre
    Sugar cubes in France seem more popular than powder, so I bought a box to try them out. We don’t take sugar in our tea in our flat so we ended up having fun with them instead. A cheap alternative to lego that are good for building igloos with. 280 blocks in a set for only 1€50 and they sparkle like ice too. Sweet!

  • Kubes d'Or


    Kubes d’Or
    One lump or two. I stumbled on these stock cubes in the supermarket in France. Packed into a bright little red and yellow box, each of the 16 perfectly wrapped golden bars contains 2 stock cubes, so you are never left with half a crumbly stock cube. A thoughtful bit of design and a bit like peas in a pod.

  • Le Praz (pronouced: Le Prar)


    Le Praz (pronouced: Le Prar)
    Room I’m renting in France with a pretty nice view for the next 5 months.

  • King Munya Madzima

    munya2.jpg spoonbug.jpg

    King Munya Madzima
    I met King Munya Madizina on Brighton beach making and selling his facsinating pieces of jewelery and other creations. Using mainly disgarded pieces of cutlery, he uses no more than a vice, a piercing saw, a hammer and the strength in his own hands to find new forms from the forks, spoons and knives. I was particularly draw to the insects he makes; their invertibrate bodies resonate perfectly with the way he brings the metal pieces together, held only by their position relative to each other. King has studied fine art and photography in Toronto and in his native Zimbabwe, but has been a resourceful maker since he was a child when he used barbbed wire to make toy cars.
    He hopes to return to his homecounty to continue his work there on Wrong Time Village, a community gallery and workshop he has set up.
    He is often at Camden Market in London and Brighton beach (when the weather is fine) if you want to see for yourself. Check out this article by PromotaMagazine for more information on King.

  • Greenegaged 2008

    Greenegaged 2008
    I recently attended Greengaged, a series of lectures and workshops at The Design Council during London Design week. The idea was to get designers, graphic designers in particular, talking about sustainability and how designers can affect this in a positive way. As part of the week, I was lucky enought to visit the Powerday recycling centre on the Regent’s Canal in London; check out the photos on the Greengaged blog. The site has been recovering, sorting, recycling, reselling and sourcing new markets for London’s commercial waste since 2007. Only 5% of the waste they recieve goes straight to landfill as no markets have yet been identified. We saw everying thing from chipboard and concrete to bath taps and roof tiles. Get in touch as they are happy to arrange visits.

    The week’s events were masterminded by Graphic Design Studio Thomas Matthews and Three Trees, along with ReDesign and Kingston University. Other interesting people I met include Doug from Futerra, Simon Winter, Lucy Choules from Chalet Alpinand Foldedsheet and Nick Marks from The New Economics Foundation.
    Hopefully the event will be taking place again in 2009, so keep an eye on their website.

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